I’m passionate about the convergence of data science and GenAI. With extensive experience as a AI & ML Manager and a true data scientist at heart, I’m dedicated to helping companies harness the power of data to drive innovation, growth, and efficiency.

MLOps Enthusiast

Among the many facets of data science, MLOps has captured my heart. The seamless integration of machine learning into operational processes is not just a field of expertise for me—it’s a passion. I specialize in crafting strategies that bridge the gap between data science and operations, ensuring that machine learning models are not just built but also deployed, monitored, and optimized for ongoing success.

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This is a personal blog. My opinion on what I share with you is that “All models are wrong, but some are useful”. Improve the accuracy of any model I present and make it useful!

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I can assist you with three types of mentoring:

Data Science Mentoring

I can help you with improving your technical skills and career development.

MLOPS Mentoring

I can mentor you in setting up your MLOps infrastructure, automating ML workflows, and deploying your ML models to production.

GenAI Mentoring

I can help you get started with Generative AI (GenAI).

Additionally, I offer consulting services to businesses who seek to improve their data science / MLOps capabilities. From setting up a data science team to developing and deploying data science projects, I am equipped to assist you with everything.

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