What is a data scientist?

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New job titles are confusing. When dad asked me what I do for a living, I told his that I’m a Data Scientist. By his look, I understood that a job title wasn’t enough to explain what I do, so I added: “I use current and past information to predict the future”. He seemed fascinated and we continued the conversation with some work examples.

Dad is my biggest supporter, so he asked how can he be of help in promoting my new project. So I created a small experiment for dad in my blog. I wanted to see how good I was at explaining what a Data Scientist is to someone that has no connection to the industry. 

I created the Mini Data Science Quiz: 3 questions that can be answered in less than 1 min.

Dad was 70% correct. In Data Science, if the model accuracy is above 70%, you’ve got a decent model.


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Can you do better than dad? 

Mini Data Science Quiz

This is a personal blog. My opinion on what I share with you is that “All models are wrong, but some are useful”. Improve the accuracy of any model I present and make it useful!

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