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Data science mentoring is my passion. I love helping data professionals step out of their comfort zones and achieve career growth. Recently, I had the opportunity to host a Gathers meetup called “Data Science Mentorship: A Win-Win Meetup.” At the meetup, I shared my thoughts on the benefits of data science mentoring and answered questions […]

1 year old baby milestones

The tradition of celebrating baby milestones has deep historical and cultural roots. While specific practices may vary across different cultures and time periods, the underlying concept of commemorating significant developmental milestones has been prevalent for centuries.   In ancient times, many cultures believed that infants were highly vulnerable to malevolent spirits or supernatural forces. As

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2 studies, 2 views on the impact of superheroes over kids   There are 2 primary studies that looked into the development impact of superheroes on kids: The 1st study suggest that parents may need to help their preschool children filter the messages arising from superhero media in order to minimize aggressive behavior outcomes and

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Data Science lifecycle and steps

The lifecycles below will guide you from the initial phase of a Data Science project through the project’s successful completion. It will enable you to divide the work within the team, estimate efforts, document all the steps of your project, and set realistic expectations for the project stakeholders. I believe that implementing a standard process model

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At this stage, you managed to create your first Python project and saved all the packages used in a virtual environment. The next step is to collaborate with other data professionals. For a smooth collaboration with your peers, now you have to create a requirements.txt file with all the Python packages used and their respective

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Spending time outdoors is beneficial for everyone. We hear this more and more, but what are the scientific facts behind this statement? I’ve broken up the topic into 3 sections, so you’ll see how outdoor activities positively impact our babies, toddlers and ourselves by encouraging healthy development and critical thinking skills and more. Outdoor time

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