Data-driven parenting

Growing children in a data-driven manner involves using data and evidence to inform decision-making about a child’s education and development. This can involve tracking a child’s progress over time, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing evidence-based interventions to support their growth and development. To grow children in a data-driven manner, it is important to regularly […]

Uncovering the History and Meaning Behind the Tradition of Christmas Gifts The tradition of giving gifts on Christmas has its roots in several different cultural and religious practices. One of the most well-known origins of this tradition is the story of the Three Wise Men, also known as the Magi, who brought gifts of gold,

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1 year old baby

Hey! Baby just got promoted to Toddler. Toddlerhood is a exciting period and it lasts until they reach 3 years.  Milestones When researching my content, I use official websites such as the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). They list the below as the milestones a child should reach by the end of

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2 studies, 2 views on the impact of superheroes over kids   There are 2 primary studies that looked into the development impact of superheroes on kids: The 1st study suggest that parents may need to help their preschool children filter the messages arising from superhero media in order to minimize aggressive behavior outcomes and

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Spending time outdoors is beneficial for everyone. We hear this more and more, but what are the scientific facts behind this statement? I’ve broken up the topic into 3 sections, so you’ll see how outdoor activities positively impact our babies, toddlers and ourselves by encouraging healthy development and critical thinking skills and more. Outdoor time

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Famous aphorism, which originates from 1976, was mentioned by George Box when referring to statistical models. I find “All models are wrong, but some are useful” to be applicable to all the models in our lives, but especially to how we’re supposed to raise our kids. Internet is full nowadays of guides about everything you

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