Independent play: 6 to 24 months

Independent play
  • What is Independent Play? Independent play is when children play by themselves with a parent nearby
  • Why is important?  Play can enhance brain structure and function and promote executive function (the process of learning). Read more here.
  • How to promote solo play? – by the parenting junkie 😉
    • Set up the right type of playspace.
    • Consider separating screens from playspace
    • Don’t overpower your child’s play
    • Create a space where they can be alone
    • Have only age appropriate toys on offer
    • Examine your expectations
    • Consider keeping them close to you
    • Use storage that your child can manipulate
    • Treat play as the natural birthright
    • Don’t praise, comment or evaluate
  • How long can babies/toddlers play by themselves?

  • Independent play at 12 months:

How long can a 1 year old play alone? #babiesoftiktok #thebabydatascientist #independentplay

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